Expeditious Justice Initiative (EJI)

Federal Judicial Academy

Judicial Officers Mess Registration
Mr. Hayat Ali Shah
Director General
0092-51-9269675-6, 0092-51-9152103
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Mr. Muhammad Hafeez Ullah Khan
Director Administration and Finance
0092-51-9269679, 0092-51-9152104
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Ms. Huma Akhtar Chughtai
Director Programme & Coordination
0092-51-9269677, 0092-51-9152105
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Mr. Abdul Matin
Director Research & Publication
0092-51-9269678, 0092-51-9152106
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Mr. Fakhar Zaman
Director Academics and Training
0092-51-9269672, 0092-51-9152107
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Mr. Muhammad Ali
Director IT & Resource
0092-51-9269673, 0092-51-9152108
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Raja Jahanzeb Akhter
Additional Director
0092-51-9269671, 0092-51-9152153
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